Primary Producer Incentive Program



What it is:

The Primary Producer Incentive Program (PPIP) is a partnership with Beaver River Community Futures Development Corporation (BRCFDC) was created so that those Primary Producers in the industry of  Commercial Fishing, Trapping, and Wild Rice Harvesting could access loans up to $10,000 that would include a non-repayable contribution from PLEDCO.  This loans program available through BRCFDC is  for those community members of Jans Bay, Cole Bay, Beauval and Ile-a-la-Crosse.  NOTE:  PLEDCO IS NOT A LOANS AGENCY AND DOES NOT GIVE OUT LOANS.


How to apply:

Applicants should have the following:

- Proof of production activity eg. sales receipts from Trapping, Wild Rice or Fishing
- Quotes from service providers or vendors for equipment you require
- 2 Pieces of Identification


1.  Once applicants have the above, they should fill out the PLEDCO/BRCFDC PPIP Application.

2.  Work with BRCFDC to fill out the application is assistance is needed and provide the required documentation listed above.

3.  Once BRCFDC confirms you are eligible to receive a non-repayable contribution from PLEDCO and confirms the list of services or equipment is allowed, your loan application will be reviewed and a response/letter will be drafted to you.

4.  Successful applicants will work with BRCFDC to complete Direction of Payment forms to pay service providers/vendors.

5.  Keep track of revenues and expenses for your Primary Production activity.  This will be for internal purposes only for future PPIP applications with Beaver River.


What is eligible under the program?

- Supplies & Equipment for Fishing, Trapping, and Wild Rice Harvesting.

- Snowmobile for Commercial Fishing will be financed based on historical earnings of the activity.  Inquire with BRCFDC for furthur details.

- Snowmobiles/Quads for Trapping and Quads for Wild Rice Harvesting will need to reflect adequate income to repay the loan.  Income can also be from sources outside of the Primary Production activity (eg. Part-Time/Full Time Job, Additional Seasonal Work, etc). Loans for Quads/Snowmobiles under a Trapping/Wild Rice Harvesting loan will be capped at $5000.


What is NOT eligible under the program?

- No trucks or cars will be financed under the program.

- No trappers cabins will be financed under the program.


If you have previously applied for a PPIP Loan and are still paying it off, you are still eligible for an additional loan.  Please inquire with BRCFDC.


To access the non-repayable contribution from PLEDCO:


- Keep track of your financial records and use them for follow-up with BRCFDC.

- Pay your portion of the loan (60%) in full and PLEDCO will pay the remaining portion (40%).