Research & Studies

A variety of Research projects and Feasibility studies were funded in full or part by PLEDCO.  The following is a list of those projects:

  • --Housing Study (Beauval Casestudy)
  • --North West Regional Business Center
  • --Beauval Industrial/Commercial Land Development (Forks) Study
  • --Tourism in North West Saskatchewan
  • --Amyott Inn - Building Review and Appraisal
  • --La Loche - Fort McMurray Road Analysis Report
  • --Position Paper on Technology Options for Heat and Power in PLEDCO Communities
  • --Hydropower Generation Feasibility Study
  • --Aquaculture - Fish Farming Feasibility Study


These studies are available to Community Development Corporations and may also be requested by individuals if they are looking to pursue opportunities in any of the areas the study may have covered.  To request a copy, please submit a written request to PLEDCO Attn: Board of Directors and it will be placed on the agenda of one of the PLEDCO Board of Director meetings.