PLEDCO Communities


 Beauval Beauval Beauval Beauval

BEAUVAL is a predominantly Metis community of over 800 people located on hills overlooking the lovely Beaver River. Beauval is centrally located in northwest Saskatchewan, connecting with neighboring communities.  Beauval derives its economic resources from limited commercial fishing, some trapping, the mines, local businesses and Valley View Community School. Tourism and recreation activities also provide economic resources. The river and nearby lakes provide excellent fishing opportunities.  The outdoor rink during the winter season is enjoyed by all ages, with hockey being popular in our region.  Local businesses include MDeez Confectionary, the Northern store, Amy’s Bar & Motel and local and provincial government bodies.  Our local radio/cable station, CIPI, provides an excellent line-up of programs for our television viewing.  There are two resorts - Sandy Beach Resort & Angler's Resort -  just minutes from Beauval that offer cabins, fishing boats and just a nice place to relax and enjoy nature.

Beauval is a northern community that is central to the northwest with a rich history and culture and a bright future full of promise.


Jans Bay

 Jans Bay Jans Bay Jans Bay

JANS BAY is a small community of about 200 people. Jans Bay is a Métis community that was established in 1965. Jans Bay has a school with grade K-9. Our high school students are bused to Beauval Valley View high school.

We do not have much for businesses. We have to buy our things from Canoe Lake or Meadow Lake, depending on our needs. All major shopping is done in Meadow Lake which is an hour south. The community is currently working on a number of projects to try and improve the economic development of the community.


Cole Bay

Cole Bay Cole Bay Cole Bay Cole Bay

This beautiful resort community of about one hundred and fifty people is located in an historic and recreationally rich area on the southwest shore of Canoe lake. Cole Bay boasts scenic outdoor recreation and activities for the novice to the advanced adventurer with a number of local lodges and camping areas. Located on the original Semchuk Trail and in close proximity to numerous First Nation Communities and historic trading routes and culturally rich sites Cole Bay feels the strong pull of heritage and history.

The community is well known for it's hospitality, and is always ready to welcome a visitor or new resident to the area. It sits astride a fantastic seasonal wilderness recreation area and yet is the less recreational year round home for its indigenous residents. Cole Bay sits near the crossroads of highways 903 and 965 and lays in close proximity to its sister communities of Canoe Narrows and Jans bay, which lie just to the east and on the same southern shores of Canoe Lake.

With a thriving and growing school population of youth who look to a future filled with possibilities while respecting their indigenous roots, Cole Bay indeed has it all. The people of Cole Bay invite all visitors to share a living as well as a "vacation" experience with them.

An experience they know that visitors seldom soon forget.



Ile-a-la-Crosse Ile-a-la-Crosse Ile-a-la-Crosse Ile-a-la-Crosse

Île-à-la-Crosse is the second oldest community in Saskatchewan, Canada, being established in 1846 as a Roman Catholic mission by Alexandre-Antonin Taché, but as a fur trading post in 1779 by the Hudson's Bay Company. It has a rich history being connected to the Churchill River, Beaver River and Canoe River systems. Therefore, almost every explorer in western Canada has been through Île-à-la-Crosse. The Cree name for Île-à-la-Crosse is Sakittawak which means "the place where the river flows out". The sister of Louis Riel, Marguerite Marie Riel, is buried in this area. The population of this northern village is about 1600, which consists of Metis, French, Scottish, Scandinavian and Cree settlers.